It’s going to be a big year (part 1)

With 2018 in the shadows, and me not being very active on the blogging side of things (no excuses as I have the easiest little boy), it really is time I got myself writing and reflecting again.  New year, new kick up the butt! Significant moments from last year were moving from a flat to … Continue reading It’s going to be a big year (part 1)


Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

Again: I've been too busy enjoying being a mum to Theo to write my blog regularly - seriously: I cannot get over how fabulous being Theo's mum is - but this week I was approached by the Press Association to pen a piece entitled Seven things no one tells you about being a mum of a … Continue reading Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

To all the mothers this year …

I was emailed by a mother towards the end of last year who had just received a diagnosis.  It plunges a new mum and her family into unfamiliar, frightening territory which robs us of so much at a time when everyone else with a new baby seems to be celebrating. I composed the following piece for her but thought with the turn of the year, the NIPT testing being rolled out and her original email still very much on my mind, I should share it.  (I have changed the name of her little boy)

Navigating Through…

 So that's summer over and I've not been making hay whilst the sun shone: I have never left it this long to pen a blog piece.  Perhaps it's because I'm immersed in all that is motherhood, working and - oh - the washing!! But I've also been reticent as my emotions and resilience have fluctuated … Continue reading Navigating Through…

‘Excellent progress’

This is the stand-out phrase from a letter we received after Theo’s recent hospital appointment at one year corrected, a few weeks ago. We’ve got it in writing and I couldn’t be prouder. Or more relieved. I whimsically wish I could have waved the letter in my face last spring when I had been shunted … Continue reading ‘Excellent progress’